About Us

Since the dawn of the new golden age of entrepreneurism, BayAngels has been a force for innovative change. We were helping launch disruptive businesses before many of the great names in startups had yet to be conceived.

Beginning in 1998, the BayAngels have backed a long list of ventures, including Open Table, PhotoBucket, Zoom Systems, Z-Force, On Site Dental, and many others. Our style of angel investing has been emulated across the globe.

Founded by long-time investor Roger King, the BayAngels is now entering an accelerated phase of growth and expansion with the addition of Jordan Wahbeh, as Managing Parmer, and Karim Nurani as our Executive Director.

From the beginning BayAngels has focused on investors in the dynamic San Francisco bay area. Many of our members belong to other angel groups and we often collaborate with them to support entrepreneurs.

Like other angel investor organizations, BayAngels is comprised primarily of former entrepreneurs. Our members understand the challenges and complexities of launching a new business. Our style of mentoring involvement begins with a thorough evaluation and due diligence process. Then we provide needed counseling during the critical launch phase. Many of our members continue providing consultation throughout the early years of a new businesses’ growth to ensure its success. Our in-depth investing process increases the likelihood of success—for the company and our investors.

For newly established companies already showing significant progress, BayAngels provides the necessary funding to help them reach the next stage of their growth. Our investors have helped infuse dozens of early stage companies with the capital necessary to accelerate their success.

The opportunities for investment in the coming years will be exciting, as entirely new technologies and industries emerge. Be part of helping shape the 21st Century. The best is yet to come.

The BayAngels. Creating the future now.