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Bay Angels – Investors Pitch – Nov 2, 2017 – Menlo Park,in Partnership with Promeets


Pls join us for on Nov 2 2017  in MENLO PARK (not in San Fran) to review a diverse line up of companies–list below.


Companies include

  • B2B Ent SW, market place, Robotic, last mile delivery, Health/Fitness, Solar Technology, and construction tech
  • Seed Stage, MVB, Pre-A, Bridge rounds, and revenue generating
  • Equity and Convertible Debt


Registration –  http://bit.ly/2hkE429

Nov 2 6-830 PM 101 Jefferson Drive  Menlo Park, Ca 94025 (At Spaces workspace)


Candidate companies , below, include Early stage to significant traction –

Evoshare – enables its users to save for their retirement or help pay off a student loan by shopping at their favorite businesses. EvoShare turns consumer spending into a new form of retirement savings and student loan pay off. B-B – Fin Tech


Augmania – WordPress for AR authoring – author AR content, and publish to consumer on mobile browser – Apps not required


Gatik – We’re developing data-driven software stack for autonomous operation of commercial vehicles for last-mile deliveries. B-b Robotics, AI


SkillHop – connects construction project owners to reputable contractors for their residential and commercial projects. You can post, schedule visits, share plans, estimate, and bid your construction projects all in one place. B-B. Constructions, Market Place


ON Switch – OnSwitch is first aggregating the commercial solar and energy storage market into an efficient mass market where building owners will be connected via a web platform to their customized, highest-savings solar solutions in minutes, rather than the months required today. This revolutionary web platform will enable fast scaling, strong network effects, and simple extension to adjacent energy markets, making it the high-growth engine for an aggregated mass market for building energy. B-B. AI

Outinomic– a platform business that offers personal training services to consumers both in the gym setting and online that seek lifestyle and behavior change. We aim to provide fitness assurance to the health/fitness consumer through our mobile/web technology, augmenting the client-trainer relationship with machine learning, data analytics, and marketplace services. B-B, B-C. ML – Health/Fitness


Pree– Pree is a new social experience where you get to ask the questions. We’re free to use, and your answers are anonymous. Build up points with your participation showing off your expertise and ability to ask the best questions. B2B – ENT SW – Marketing Research